The Best Stuff I Wrote Last Year

I’ve more or less abandoned this site in favor of my contributions Deadspin and SportsOnEarth, so if you happen to have wandered by here by mistake, here are links to some of my favorite pieces from the 2013-2014.

A Scorched Legend (June 27, 2014)

Still King (May 14, 2014)

Listen to me on The Will Leitch Experience (May 6, 2014)

Too High a Price: Victor Ortiz Embodies Boxing’s Ethical Dilemma (Jan 30, 2014)

Miniature Golf: A Coward Reflects on Caleb Hannan and all of our Small-Mindedness (Jan 18, 2014)

Man’s Life Changes Forever Following Retweet (Jan 13, 2014)

Requiem For The Heavyweights (Dec 31, 2013)

Boxing is Still a Goddamned Tragedy (Nov 3, 2013)

The Beastie Boys 25 Greatest Tracks, Ranked (Oct 26, 2013)

Boxing is a Goddamned Tragedy (Oct 22, 2013)

How To Drink Champagne Without Becoming Even More Broke Than Usual (Aug 14, 2013)

Aaron Hernandez: A Complete Timeline (Jul 4, 2013)

Bill Shaikin, LA Times Columnist and Head of the BBWAA, Cannot Distinguish Wins From Losses (Jun 6, 2013)


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